Windak’s new fiber optic rewind line

Last year the brand new high-tech rewind line “OW26T-UW26T” left the doors of New Windak’s Process+Training Center in North Carolina. The line was delivered to one of the major fiber optic cable manufacturers in the USA.


Windak rewind line “OW26T-UW26T” demonstrated impeccable performance along with the improved ease of use. © Windak


Main feature of the line is the integrated “Safe Wind” unit, which enhances the laying quality and ensures safety during the winding process.

An Integrated laying unit is mounted on the take-Up. The laying unit has guide rollers that are adjusted for the correct cable width by the operator. It is driven by a Motion Control Drive and AC motor. Laying pitch is set on the main panel and turning points are set by memory. Both pitch and turning points can be fine-tuned during winding (with the remote control). The laying unit is traversed to the side for loading and unloading of the reels and can be adjusted vertically 16” to have the cable come in straighter to the reel.

Features of the line:
– Driven Pay-off and Take-up both running in speed mode (sensitive cables) or torque mode (large cables).
– Optimal laying of the cable on the Take-up reel under safe operating conditions.
– The ability to reverse the line with the synchronized unlaying of the cable on the Take-up.
– Remote control of all manual functions- including turn point control while running in automatic.
– All operational parameters are Recipe Controlled.

– Maximum Line speed in "Torque" mode: 100mpm (328fpm)
– Maximum Line speed in "Speed" mode: 200mpm (656fpm)
– Tension range "Torgue" mode: 7.5 - 20kg (16.5 - 44lbs)
– Tension range "Speed" mode: 12- 40kg (26 - 88lbs)
– Maximum Reel Size: 2.59m (102")
– Minimum Reel Size: 760mm (30")
– Maximum Weight: 7,250kg (16,000lbs)


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