Wafios’ new compression spring coiler

“F 30” is a modular expandable spring coiler, cost optimised with high end features like programming system, extended range of applications, short setup time and great operating convenience: Useful for engineering, medical technology and other industries using technical springs.


© Wafios


© Wafios


At the in-house exhibition in May 2019 in Wuppertal/Germany, Wafios launched a new machine for the production of right-hand technical compression springs. The “F 30” is a cost optimised system concept which offers the possibility to extend the machine equipment by various options. Although the F 30 is designed as a “cost optimised” entry-level machine. Many of the features can be attributed to the high performance level by way of an increased infeed speed, larger outer spring diameters, extended range of applications and the completely redesigned programming system “FPS 1.2”.

The base F 30 model includes four CNC axis for infeed with two pairs of infeed rollers, two-finger coiling attachment, multi-cut system with straight and rotary cut, as well as parallel pitch device. The FPS 1.2 programming system offers flexibility and operating convenience with a new intuitive user interface. For machine operators who are familiar with Wafios spring coilers, it is a very simple change from the “WPS 3.2” interface to FPS 1.2. The new system operates with a 24" multi-touch screen and offers a modern style with a high quality recognition. User-friendly programming includes simplified spring input and the table calculation “Easy Tab” as macro replacement for simple corrections.

The F 30 is configured as a modular expandable spring coiler with several additional features such as the attachment for left-handed springs including further cutting axes and the PTP Finger for adjustment of the pre-tension-position to close the coils of conical springs for a subsequent spring end grinding process and a reduced setup time. To improve quality assurance Wafios offers the new camera measuring system “FVS” for optical measuring, controlling and sorting of springs and different sorting chutes depending on sorting criteria. The cutting package has optimised cut (software solution) and flying rotary cut. In order to increase the economic efficiency the compatibility of tooling with the F3 “Eco Coiler-infeed and coiling tools” and “FUL 36-cutting and pitch tools” is guaranteed. The F 30 is also modelled with an enhanced concept of tooling to reduce setup time, such as infeed rollers and coiling pins.

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