06/08/2021 – Separating, feeding, counting and boxing

Videx machine for weld-studs and threaded rod

Videx is offering machines that accept weld studs or bundles of pre-galvanized bars as they come out of the coating process, separate them, count and box per customers’ request.


Videx Feeding and Packing machines for Weld Studs and Threaded Rods © Videx


The orienting, squaring and bundling of these threaded rods is done automatically by the machine, which makes the whole process faster with virtually no human interface. The number of bars to be boxed is programmed on the Operator’s HMI and the machine may remember the choice for each combination of bar diameter and length. The separating system is equipped with quick-change tooling, eliminating the need to set the machine when changing thread diameters.

The machines will make the following operations:

1. Accepting the bars or bundles as they come from the galvanizing process.

2. Separate the bars from each other.

3. Count the bars

4. Square the bar ends

5. Separate a preset number of bars to be packed.

6. Feed the small bundle into a box or tube, or strap/wrap per request

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