10/09/2021 – Wire drawing dies

VNT Nano dies for drawing welding wire

Ajex+Turner has developed “VNT Nano” dies which is a third generation development to save electricity, manpower, metal and produce high quality bright wire which is well accepted by the wire and cable units all over the world.


VNT Nano for smooth production, correct geometry and high brightness on the conductor. © Ajex+Turner


Ajex+Turner (A+T) Wire Technologies a technology driven unit engaged in manufacturing since 1962 have a wide range of products for wire, cable and fastener industries. The Carbide, PCD or Extrusion tools are very well accepted by the crosshead and extrusion machine manufactures and users for any make of machine in single, double or triple hole sizes.

 Though it was challenging but accepting and conquering the challenge the company has developed the most advance product by A+T is TW and Sector dies in “VNT Nano” for better production, correct geometry and high brightness on the conductor. Their wire drawing dies PCD, ND or carbide in round and any shape are already well accepted by the users for multi wire or rod break down machines of Europe and America or any make. The ceramic project started in 2010 already manufacturing different types of shape toolings for buncher bow, guides, pulleys and coated pulleys etc.

 The most interesting to cut the cost of the inputs is to re-sizing|re-polishing of the dies and extrusion tools, the company has developed many types of in-house die polishing machines and die polishing accessories. They have also developed PCD groove, trolley wire dies for railways.

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