17/06/2022 – Wire manufacturer

Spanish company specialised in aluminium wire-drawing

Manfisa Wire S.L. is specialised in aluminium wire-drawing and casting since 1973, and the experience gained has enabled the company to develop a wide range of highly productive wires.


Manfisa draws pure aluminium and aluminium alloys in a variety of diameters from 0.75mm to 13.50mm. © Manfisa


Manfisa draws pure aluminium and aluminium alloys in a variety of diameters from 0.75mm to 13.50mm. Suitable for mechanical and electrical applications such as fasteners, nails, rivets, screws, bolts, nuts, aerials, clips, electrical fencing, fences and metallisation among others. They also specialise in automotive industry, supplying alloy grades 6056 & 6082.

They are certified according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. In 2016, Manfisa began producing drawn wire for welding purposes. Due to the specific characteristics of this product, both technical and in terms of complying with different specifications and implementing regulations, a new Division was created: “Manfisa Welding Products”.

In this company they produce weld metal exclusively made from aluminium. In order to ensure maximum quality and to attend the specific needs of the welding market, a new production plant has been launched in 2019 with the sole purpose of producing aluminium weld metal. Manfisa has new facilities and modern production equipment, as well as a new laboratory where they can monitor production and develop new I+D projects. They are certified according to DB, VdTÜV, FPC, Bureau Veritas and Lloyd’s. Manfisa’s commitment to environmental conservation and protection is reflected in our Environmental Policy, as well as in other specific actions aimed at promoting the use of clean and respectful energy resources. One of these actions is the recent investment in the implementation of a photovoltaic solar farm, which is expected to allow us to be self-sufficient in certain moments of production.

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