02/06/2021 – Windak’s complete Payoff, Take-up and Rewind lines

Reel changing procedure quick, safe and easy

Windak pay-off, take-up and winding lines are specially designed for fast reel changes, very precise tension control, high line speed and excellent winding quality.


Windak Premium has the floating pintles and a second tire drive as options. © Windak


The unwinding and rewinding range extends from 400 mm flange diameter to a maximum diameter of 2,600 mm. © Windak


The rewind lines can be built based on their complete payoff and take-up range, either tire driven design or conventional drive pin design. Efficient rewinding require machines with short set up times and a smooth process when handling the full and empty bobbins. Both designs are of portal type, with traversing on floor rails. Windak Premium has floating pintles and a second tire drive as options. The Payoff and Take-up range extends from 400 mm flange diameter to a maximum diameter of 2,600 mm.

Many types of test equipment, printing, and other auxiliary equipment are available for integration with the line. The company can customise a Rewind line with a bead length counter, automatic cutting station, change over station CO2, accumulator and servo driven tensioning dancer for sensitive cables.

Windak’s Rewind lines have many features and options:

– Synchronization of Payoff and Take-up with fast acceleration and deceleration for minimised cycle times

– Driving the reel on the flange or with conventional drive pin

– Independently controlled pintles up/down – easier to load the reels. Semiautomatic unloading cycle of the reel. The reel goes down and the pintles open up around the reel

– Floating pintles making the reel changing process quick and easy for the operator

– All Windak rewind lines include running to set length at set speed

– Optional Remote control operation – for safer and faster reel changes

– Touch screen HMI – programmable to suit all needs

– Servo controlled traversing – for more accurate winding and layer wind

– Quick change pintle adapters for different reel sizes


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