07/04/2022 – Dimac at the next “wire 2022”

Prove the quality of automotive fasteners

Dimac will exhibit at the next “wire 2022” show, proposing the newest models “MCV6” and “SPC-EVO” with innovative solutions for the inspection of fasteners.


“MCV4”: The most efficient machine for 360° dimensional inspection combined with crack detection and heat treatment control. © Dimac


Dimac Srl is a strategic provider of 100% automatic inspection and sorting machines for the most important automotive fasteners manufacturers worldwide.

Dimac is offering a range of ten automatic 100% inspection and sorting models that showcase the company’s passion for manufacturing high-tech machines. Each model includes the most advanced innovations for the total control of fasteners inspection – enabling customers to “ride along the path to zero defects”.

The ten Dimac models are covering the widest possible range of headed, headless, fine blanked and turned fasteners :

1. “MCV0”: For micro screws in electric, electronic and optical devices. It has the highest rate of inspection for optical inspection and sorting. Working range M2 to M4 up to 20mm shank length

2. “MCV1”: Solid steel rotary table machine providing flexible and high performances like no other machine in the market. It is Dimac’s bestseller for the inspection and sorting of high volumes in the range M3 to M12 up to 100mm shank length

3. “MCV2”: Slant V-Track - Extremely simple to changeover and reliable – it is suitable for headed and headless fasteners and offers the best approach to the world of 100% inspection and sorting for screws and double ended studs up to M12 and 150mm total length.

4. “MCV3”: This steel rotary table machine is for high added value large size cold forged parts, to ensure accurate crack detection, heat treatment inspection and 360° bending control, as well as hex heads checking, recess shape and depth gaging. The working range M6 to M20 up to 250mm shank length

5. “MCV4”: The most efficient machine for 360° dimensional inspection combined with crack detection and heat treatment control – including a patented double rate inspection mode.With 50% to 80% output rate improvement. Working range M5 to M16 up to 120mm shank length

6. “MCV5”: The most versatile glass plate machine available. Accuracy up to microns and total reliability, with 24/7 unmanned shifts possible. Suitable for washers, nuts, hoses and special parts up to 60mm outer diameter

7. “MCV6”: Very high speed glass plate versatile machine up to 1000 pieces/min and up to 12 optical inspection stations

8. “MCVBELT”: No more pollutions or mixed batches with accurate optical dimensional inspection.

9. “SPC-LAB”: First piece mobile inspection equipment with in-process measurements and SPC data collection, a must for any fastener workshop that is interfaced with the company ERP software.

10. “SPC-EVO”: SPC automatic inspection equipment with in-process measurements and SPC data collection for washers, retaining rings, valve springs, bushing interfaced with the company ERP software.

With the above ten machine models and their special controls Dimac guarantees a first class service and quality support – always ensuring lower energy consumption and cost reduction. Dimac is represented in Germany by Winner+Co. GmbH.

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