08/06/2022 – Quality management

Numerous innovations in metrology

Aesa Cortaillod, a Swiss company in wire and cable metrology, offers innovative solutions that allow reducing cost prohibitive risks by mastering raw material consumption, optimising processing time and offering a unique quality data management system. Faithful to its tradition, Aesa Cortaillod presents its latest developments at “wire”


New Castor Automated Test Equipment to test Single Pair Internet Cables. © Aesa Cortaillod


Over the last three years the copper and aluminium prices have more than doubled and in today’s world of turmoil and uncertainty, this pricing trend is not expected to show any sign of reversal. At the same time the raw material cost content in the final product remains disproportionally high.

Patented method for measuring the linear resistance of insulated conductors: This novel method of measuring by Axial Current Injection on Aesa’s “ResTest” systems is a major improvement in cable measurement of aluminium and copper conductors. It improves the measurement accuracy and precision, specifically for insulated materials like waterblock or Miliken.

Castor for Single Pair Internet: SPE is the new standard for intelligent network communication. It represents the extremely high-performance parallel transmission of data and power, via Ethernet, over a single pair of wires, using Power over Data Line (PoDL). The Castor offers a unique time efficient approach to characterize data cables for this new network technology.

The brand new integrated Metis software makes the use of this automated test equipment even more straight forward and user friendly.

Cimteq and Aesa Cortaillod Partnership: The “CIQ 3.0” Quality Data Management software of Aesa Cortaillod perfectly fits with “Cable Builder” and “Cable MES” of Cimteq. The partnership will give both companies a leading edge in offering a first system that completely closes the loop between design engineering, manufacturing and quality control.

Gaia High Voltage+Low Frequency combined cable tester: The Gaia is an automatic cable testing system for High Voltage, Low Frequency (RCKE) and High Frequency (Attenuation, Impedance, Phase, Crosstalk) of multiple wires. It measures Dielectric Strength up to 6kV AC and/or DC and Insulation Resistance on cables built with pairs or quads. The Gaia is available in three different versions for up to 208 wires.

Scorpius DT 18 GHz for Coaxial Cables: Aesa Cortaillod is expanding its Scorpius product range for measuring coaxial cables up to 18GHz. The Scorpius DT 18 comes packed in a compact desktop housing while measuring both 50- and 75-coaxial cables.

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