15/04/2023 – Quality management

Nordson showcase Beta Laser Mike products

Nordson Measurement+Control Solutions (formerly NDC Technologies) will display several products at this year’s “Interwire” that enable wire and cable manufacturers to maximize process performance, product quality, and KPIs.


“M series” – moving wire. © Nordson


“Accuscan Pro 50” for multi strand wire inspection. © Nordson

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Product presentations will include “Smart Temp” – the latest intelligent preheating solution on the market today. Nordson’s new “Smart Temp” offers advanced high-frequency heating and integrated temperature control capabilities to deliver the highest-quality, most reliable uniform in-process wire preheating to eliminate insulation voids in primary cables. “Smart Temp” is equipped with “Temp Trac Pro” for additional wire temperature sensing and control before and after the preheating.

“Laser Speed Pro M” series – the industry's only non-contact length and speed gauge for measuring moving, bouncing products. Unlike anything on the marketplace today, Nordson’s “Laser Speed Pro M” series gauge accurately and reliably measures the length and speed of long, continuous cylindrical products during production that bounce and cannot be well-guided, move off-axis, or out of the measurement range. Avoid product give-away, waste, loss in productivity, and process downtime.

“Accu Scan Pro” – incredibly versatile, single-axis gauge with multi-strand wire inspection. The new “Accu Scan Pro” is a single-axis diameter gauge with applications versatility that provides 100% inspection of multi-strand wire during production. This innovative solution enables you to accurately and simultaneously measure the diameter of your wires and effectively detect missing and broken strands. Monitor processes in real time for a complete view of product quality.

“Bench Mike Pro” – high-accuracy, off-line diameter and ovality measurement system. „Bench Mike Pro“ is easy to use and eliminates operator-influenced measurement errors. The industry's leading manufacturers rely on “Bench Mike Pro” to produce superior-quality products. Over 15,000 gauges are installed worldwide. A variety of modular fixtures are also available for any gauging need to properly hold workpieces.

Interwire 2023, booth 741

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Nordson Measurement & Control Solutions (formerly NDC Technologies), a division of Nordson Corporation, designs, develops and produces a wide range of process measurement and control instrumentation for a broad scope of manufacturing industries. Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, the Nordson M+CS has a manufacturing facility in Maldon, UK, and a Center of Excellence in Irwindale, California. The company also boasts direct sales and support facilities in France, Germany, Italy, India, China, and Japan as well as a network of sales and service distribution channels in more than 60 countries around the world.

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Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN) is one of the world’s leading producers of precision dispensing equipment that applies adhesives, sealants, coatings and other materials to a broad range of consumer and industrial products during manufacturing operations. The company also manufactures equipment used in the testing and inspection of electronic components as well as technology-based systems for curing and surface treatment processes. Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, Nordson has direct operations and sales support offices in more than 30 countries.