15/05/2023 – Eddy current and vision technology

Nondestructive testing for surface inspection

Isend designs, develops and installs solutions for nondestructive testing. The company will present their systems at „Metec“ in Düsseldorf/Germany from 12 – 16 June.


”Mass Discover“ allows the user to control the mass flow at any point in the production line. © Isend


“EDDYEyes” is an inspection system consisting of sophisticated eddy current equipment and a range of image processing components that can capture images of real products during the production process. © Isend


The systems for 100% surface inspection in the production of metallic materials use eddy current and image processing technology, which enables the automation and control of production processes based on "Deep Learning".

The systems provide solutions for:
– online inspection of hot wire rod, bar and tube,
– online and offline cold inspection of punctual, transverse, longitudinal defects in bar, wire, welded pipe and tube without welding, as well as
– differences in conductivity and hardness.

Isend also develops special applications for inspection of metal parts through its more compact and versatile models. Isend guarantees required support throughout the useful life of the equipment, like “Roto Discover”, “Wel Discover” and “En Discover” for the detection of surface defects on pipes and weld seams. With “Mass Discover” customers can control the mass flow at any point of the production line.

Metec 2023, hall 5 booth H 11

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