19/04/2023 – Testing cold headed wire

New “Rotomac 25 RM” eddy current rotary tests wire and rod

The cost-effective tester is designed for detecting long, continuous surface flaws in cold heading, spring making and similar parts forming operations.


New model eddy current rotary, “Rotomac 25mm RM” which is designed to test wire and rod in applications such as cold heading and other parts forming operations. © Magnetic Analysis


The latest model of this rotary, coupled with MAC’s “Minimac 60/65” eddy current electronics, provides reliable on or off-line inspection for longitudinal surface defects, including cracks and seams in wire or rod. Operating up to 1200rpm, with air ride probes and a single test channel, the “Rotomac Rotary” can test wire, 1/8” – 1” (3mm – 25mm) diameter, typically used in cold header parts forming and similar low throughput applications. Easy to install in conjunction with a cold header, the tester operates on 120 or 220 Vac and there are no special control box or utility requirements. The test probes are readily accessed and separate screw adjustments for each probe enable quick size changes. Bushings keep the product centered during the test to ensure a reliable inspection, and the rotary’s highly accurate distance compensation, when used with an absolute probe, permits testing excessively out of round product.

The “Minimac 50/55” for inspecting wire, rod and tube for short surface and some subsurface defects at speeds up to 4000 f.p.m. will also be on display at MAC’s booth. A linear rail fixture will demonstrate this unit testing small diameter wire. “Minimac” is also frequently used for inspecting welding wire, including flux core wire where it can detect missing flux as well as flaws in the wire itself. Checking continuity and detecting welds in single and multi-conductor insulated wire and cable are other applications. Using an MID option, the “Minimac” can be very effective for detecting magnetic inclusions in non-magnetic product.

Information on MAC’s full line of eddy current, conventional and phased array ultrasonic, and flux leakage test systems for wire, tube and bar will be available at the booth. Magnetic Analysis Corp. has been designing and manufacturing nondestructive test instruments and systems since 1928.

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