21/04/2023 – Quality management

Measurement and control instruments

Established in France in 1981, Cersa-MCI is a benchmark company in the field of measurement and control instruments. They design and manufacture high-level measuring devices for fine wires, cables and optical fibres.


Technical Sales Manager David Miara and Managing Director Eric Nogues © Cersa MCI


The company offers a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions to help customers enhancing their production quality. Advanced technologies such as interferometers, diffraction and cameras ensure high speed measurements and high accuracy. Their sensors are useful on-line and off-line for non-contact measurement applications.

 Mid ‘80s, Cersa-MCI launched its first device for fine wire measurement: the LDS, that still exists today, available in 1 or 2 axes for diameter monitoring during drawing process or for off-line measurements fitted with its accessories. The best solution on the market for wires from 2mm down to 5µm.

 For extrusion processes, Cersa-MCI provides the “LPS-3-H” to monitor diameter and detect lumps and neckdowns in a single product for larger wire and cable diameters (0.3mm to 5mm). An innovative solution which mixes a diameter gauge and a flaw detector in one box!

 In 2021, Cersa-MCI released its breakthrough solution for wire/cable/surface defect detection: the “SQM-F”. An equipment capable of detecting defects that may appear on the surface during the drawing or extrusion process. The new instrument offers high-resolution and real-time surface defect detection such as scratches, die marks, impurities, bubbles or particles on the insulation. It perfectly works for round products (20µm to 2000µm) and metallic surfaces. A complementary solution to their current offer to improve quality inspection.

 Their last participation was in 2019, which was an opportunity to assert their position on the American market.

This time Cersa-MCI will present these 3 top instruments, including demonstrations:
– LDS sensor equipped with a WSR (wire rotation) or a foot pedal and a label printer for off-line sample measurements.
– A dynamic workshop equipped with LPS sensor for diameter measurement and flaw detection,and a new SQM-F sensor for surface defect detection.

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