05/01/2024 – Wafios to exhibit at “wire Mexico” and present the “BMZ 8”

Maximum precision through smart technology

The “BMZ” series is based on a successful and reliable concept. Designed from the very beginning for the production of complicated bent parts from cut-to-length, partially ready-to-install tubes with processed ends, the Wafios “BMZ” series has been setting standards in the market for years.


The “BMZ 8” can be visited at “wire Mexico 2024”. © Wafios


An obstacle faced by manufacturers with the engine compartment of vehicles is that it offers little space and demands the highest quality standards. With the “BMZ 8” and “BMZ 12” single-head tube bending machine, manufacturers can meet this challenge with ease. The use of special clamping jaws enables bending close to the end of the tube – perfect technology in the automotive industry for the the production of fluid pipes such as brake lines.

The proven technology has been transferred from wire processing to tube technology and impresses with its high bending speeds. The combined rotary-draw, roll and free-form bending tools allow the arrangement of up to three planes for various bending radii and tube diameters. It also enables the simultaneous bending of protective cladding around the tube. The basic package includes right and left bending using a clamp, allowing you to manufacture even complex 2-and 3-dimensional work pieces in one operation.

The 3D bending technology with special clamping jaws for very short lengths enables geometrically complex components with no straight length at the tube end. The very compact tool design allows special parts to be formed with spirals or bends in bends. With the help of the simulation option, components can be tested and adapted before production to save costs. With the automatic optimisation of “ iQsmartbend”, process-related vibrations can be analysed and automatically adjusted. The benefit: a significant increase in output thanks to minimised vibrations.

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