15/10/2021 – No longer required for continuing operations

Mathiasen sells equipment of American Spring Wire Pengg

Mathiasen Machinery Inc. has been awarded an exclusive contract to sell equipment no longer required for the continuing operations of American Spring Wire Pengg LLC in Bedford Heights, Ohio.


On sale: Two rolling mills one of which is a DEM 4 stand , manufactured in 2015. © Mathiasen


The equipment is for the production of round and shaped high strength wire for the fastener and spring industry. Included in the list of available machines are rod breakdown drawing lines with block diameters of 36” including a 2012 “GRC Eurodraw MTS 900” line, 2 rolling mills one of which is a “DEM 4” stand that was manufactured in 2015, four single draft bull blocks, a 14 wire lead tempering line, a steel rod shaving line that was manufactured in 2012 and die room equipment including two wire EDM machines for cutting shaped dies. All the equipment is still installed and can be viewed under power. The equipment is available for immediate sale. In addition to Mathiasen Machinery’s international sales of secondhand wire and cable machinery they also represent new machinery manufactures like Pratto Mesh Welding from Greece and Wire and Cable Machinery Builders (WiCa) from Austria.

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