05/01/2024 – 170 years of pioneering expertise in lubrication technology

Lubricants for the wire drawing industry

Condat’s lubricants range is recognised as a world reference in the wire drawing industry and offers the widest choice of soaps, surface treatment products, neat and soluble oils.


Condat offers eco-designed lubricants rated through its self-scoring “Lubriscore”. © Condat


Because each wire drawing plant is different, Condat experts develop lubricants answering your specific needs and guide you to the best lubrication strategy. Many issues can be addressed by the Condat team, such as reducing total wire drawing costs, reducing the amount of dust generated in your workshop, improving your productivity or getting the most out of your precoatings,…

With state-of-the-art facilities and local storage across four continents, including proximity to Mexico with plants in the USA and Brazil, Condat ensures swift delivery while minimising environmental impact.

Condat also provides you support towards responsible performance. For wire drawing, it offers eco-designed lubricants rated through its self-scoring “Lubriscore”. Particular attention is paid to the raw materials used in formulas, Condat limits as much as possible the use of CMR components and hazardous materials.

Founded in 1854, Condat proudly celebrates its 170th anniversary in 2024. Its longevity is based on strong, embodied and enduring values, as evidenced by their historic value of 'Build to last'. Over the decades, they have demonstrated their ability to adapt and reinvent themselves, while building on solid expertise. This empowered them to tackle technical and societal challenges, to innovate and to achieve a sustainable strategy.

Rely on Condat lubricants, honed through 170 years of pioneering expertise in lubrication technology.

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