20/05/2022 – Quality management / Fasteners

Inspection and sorting machines for fasteners

The Italian company Dimac that recorded a great success in the 2018 „wire“ Show is pleased to announce its participation in the next edition to be held in June this year.


SPC-EVO: semi-automatic SPC control and data collection optical system. © Dimac


MCV6: glass rotary table machine. © Dimac


In the last 2 years the company has been engaged in an important industrial reorganization which is leading to the opening of a new production site and new sales agencies around the world.

MCV6: glass rotary table machine
With a large diameter glass rotary table it is suitable for accurate dimensional inspections by part contour/profile analysis and for surface flaw detection with configurable lighting technologies. The new software developed in Dimac includes algorithms for high-speed dimensional checks, artificial intelligence for surface inspection and NDT controls for special parts and fasteners.

SPC-EVO: semi-automatic SPC control and data collection optical system
Suitable for parts with flat geometry like washers, retaining rings, sealing rings, spacers, chain plates and products from fine blanking this machine is suitable for the SPC measurement of a batch of parts taken from any production machine and for batches of samples for PPAP. Measured data and statistical calculations are available in real-time in suitable format for the ERP quality management.

Pay per Use
The new Dimac paradigm and business model is actually tested in Italy since the second half of 2021. The customer can book and get a sorting machine in pay per use. The higher are the volumes of parts to sort per month, the lower would be the fee. Everything is included: the machines installation at customer’s site, the maintenance, the spare parts and service on site.

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