29/03/2024 – Joining / welding

Innovative welding solutions in focus

Ideal-Werk is eagerly anticipated at the “wire/Tube” trade fair in Düsseldorf. The company will showcase its latest achievements, including the state-of-the-art grid welding machine “GAM 816” with manual longitudinal wire loading.


A highlight of the fair presentation is undoubtedly the “GAM 816”, which boasts impressive features. © Ideal-Werk


A highlight of the fair presentation is undoubtedly the “GAM 816”, which boasts impressive features.

Where high performance meets flexibility
With a nibbling speed of up to 200 strokes per minute, it sets standards in efficiency. But that’s not all: thanks to its fast magazine, it enables nearly uninterrupted production.

Innovative technology for optional results
The trade fair machine is equipped with two circuits that can weld flat and round bars simultaneously. The use of medium frequency technology with 1,000Hz guarantees precise and reliable welding performance. The servo motor cross wire magazine allows a feed of more than 200 cross wires per minute, ensuring remarkable flexibility and adaptability to different production requirements. Additionally, the option of manual insertion enables efficient processing even for small batch sizes.

Mission and vision in focus
Ideal-Werk’s mission to shape the customers’ everyday lives with products, services and data, while setting trends for the future of welding, is reflected in every detail of the trade fair presentation. The vision “We connect worlds” and the new slogan “Powerful, flexible and efficient welding machines” underscore the company’s commitment to innovation and progress. Interested parties are cordially invited to visit Ideal-Werk at “wire/Tube 2024” in Düsseldorf and experience the latest welding solutions up close.

wire 2024, hall 17 booth C 46

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