15/06/2022 – Wire manufacturing

High-performance copper alloy wires

Global manufacturer Lamifil is a leading player in the development of new copper alloys, including its CuCrZr “PowerFil” alloy, with applications in demanding and high-tech industries. In recent years, it has invested heavily in order to develop stronger, finer, highly conductive and environmentally friendly alternatives.


CuCrZr and CuCrAgSi alloys can be drawn to extreme fine wires, of up to 0.025mm, that remain strong and very flexible. © Lamifil


Lamifil offers in-house design, manufacturing, quality control and supply of wire rod, drawn and extruded wires, bunched and stranded conductors and surface-treated wires.

The company uses a unique continuous, automated and stable casting process for its high-performance copper alloys, offering multiple benefits compared to production using billets. This process ensures homogenous product specifications, dramatically reduces inclusions and allows delivery of bigger lots on coil. For Lamifil’s customers this facilitates further processing and results in better metal yield, less production stops, higher line speeds on fine wire drawing installations and end products with superior characteristics.

Technology is advancing rapidly and many high-tech industries are looking for smaller, lighter, high-performance electrical components to meet the highest demands in terms of efficiency, reliability and conductivity. As a result, wires made out of innovative copper alloys, including CuCrZr and CuCrAgSi, are increasingly finding their way into modern airplanes, advanced robots and cutting edge medical devices. Global manufacturer of cable and wire products Lamifil specializes in these new types of alloys, using a unique production method.

 In terms of conductivity and resistivity the new generation of copper alloy wires can almost compete with pure copper, but they outperform it in terms of flexlife, elongation and tensile strength. Because of that, CuCrZr and CuCrAgSi alloys can be drawn to extreme fine wires, of up to 0.025mm, that remain strong and very flexible. Moreover, thanks to modern production processes, these alloy wires boast excellent surface quality and purity, making them highly suitable for metal plating and less prone to corrosion.

 Aerospace is one of the typical industries where copper wires must meet the highest requirements. For sensitive electrical applications in aircraft parts such as wings, engines and sensors, high performance copper conductors in CuCrZr and CuCrAgSi are increasingly being used. Typically, these require high flexlife - 9 times higher than Cu-ETP - 92% IACS conductivity, high tensile strength in soft condition (Rm=414 MPa), 6% elongation and high thermal stability. Currently 10% of all copper cables in modern aircrafts are high performance conductors.

 Another industry that benefits from new copper alloy developments is medical device manufacturing. In the medical industry copper and copper alloy wire is used in a variety of applications and devices, including catheterization, sensor devices, surgery robotics and pace makers. Swiftly evolving technology and the need for smaller and mobile equipment accelerate the search for alternative alloys to save weight and space, while continuing to meet healthcare requirements regarding dependability, safety and precision.

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