High-performance “ND 91TL” tandem double-blow cold former

Wafios Umformtechnik& will be demonstrating at “wire” under manufacturing conditions their high-performance “ND 91TL” tandem double-blow cold former, for the production of long blanks up to 300mm ;and wire diameters of max. 5.2mm, linked with the EWMenn high-performance “AF 102” thread and profile rolling machine.


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The ND 91TL machine with the tandem principle allows very high output and separate preforming and finish punching of the head shape on both ends of the blank. Symmetrical and asymmetrical cutting of the blank is possible. Today, it is no longer enough to be just a good machine builder, that is why the company provides all-round system supplier services delivering “know-how from a single source”, from the enquiry right up to the support of the delivered system, including tools, loading and unloading of parts, the process itself, process monitoring, sorting, measurement and much more. Together with their customers, Wafios Umformtechnik develop process solutions, for example, which replace metal cutting processes with cold forming. The effect is to increase output by up to 30 times, sometimes even more, and to reduce customers’ unit costs.

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