04/09/2023 – Visit Lämneå Bruk at “Schweißen und Schneiden 2023”

Efficient welding wire rewinding solutions

Swedish wire machinery manufacturer Lämneå Bruk is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming “Schweißen und Schneiden” trade show. The Lämneå Bruk team is eagerly preparing to welcome you at booth 7B 15 at the fairgrounds in Essen, Germany from September 11-15, 2023.


The “Fully Automatic Precision Layer Winder” is now available for 30kg, 15kg as well as smaller 5kg and 1kg spools. © Lämnea Bruk


Lämneå Bruk has built a reputation for delivering high-quality machines and continuous innovations that establish new industry standards. Their state-of-the-art equipment can significantly increase your final welding wire package. Their diverse rewinding applications cover fully and semi-automatic “Precision Layer Winders” as well as “No Twist and Liveblock Coilers”. All are suitable for different wire types such as solid and flux core MIG/MAG as well as SAW wire. One of Lämneå Bruk’s bestsellers, the “Fully Automatic Precision Layer Winder” combines speed, precise wire laying to a 100th of a millimeter, highest user-friendliness, and outstanding safety standards. The spools are changed fully automatic with servo-drive motor-operated toolings for continuous production at top speeds of 35m per second. For a smooth and efficient process, the fastening of the finishing end is also made by servomotors. The servo-motor brand is customizable, so customers can choose between Siemens, Lenze and Allen Bradley. To add to the flexibility, the superior spool supply magazine can handle different types of spools such as wire baskets, plastic, and fiber spools without any adjustment. In response to customer demand, the “Fully Automatic Precision Layer Winder” is now available for 30kg, 15kg as well as smaller 5kg and 1kg spools.

The “Fully Automatic Rewinding Line” is a versatile machine for the respooling of flat and round wire, with both vertical and horizontal payoff. This line enables maximum uptime due to multiple payoffs. The spool handling is prepared for AGV trucks to increase user-friendliness and convenience. The “Fully Automatic Rewinding Line” is suitable for different spool types up to 1,000kg.

Schweißen und Schneiden 2023, hall 7B booth 15

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With over a century of experience in the wire industry, Lämneå Bruk possesses specialized industry knowledge and the practical expertise to provide innovative solutions to its international customers. Every aspect of their machines, from the initial design idea to electrical design, manufacturing, control cabinet construction, and assembly, as well as programming, is done in-house at their facility in Sweden. This comprehensive control over the entire production chain ensures the highest quality standards and enables customization of each machine to suit customers' specific requirements, effectively meeting the ever-changing demands of the industry. Additionally, Lämneå Bruk conducts thorough three-step risk analyses and ensures conformity to the highest European safety regulations.