05/04/2023 – CO2-footprint

EPDs for low-carbon copper products

Elcowire's low-carbon copper, with the markets lowest environmental footprint is now verified in EPDs.


Low-carbon copper. © Elcowire


Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are standardized documents for displaying the environmental impacts of our copper product through the entire lifecycle. The EPDs have been produced by WSP together with EPD International and verified by independent third-party IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

Elcowire's EPDs provide a base for accurate environmental and climate calculations in your operations. With the use of their Low-carbon copper products the company becomes a crucial partner for the achievement of your sustainability goals. The documents can be found and downloaded from their web-site. On request they can also provide you with spreadsheets in Excel, making it easier for customers to implement the data in to calculations.

These EPDs clarify the environmental performance of a product from a life cycle perspective, in a transparent, objective and standardized way. Elcowire do not only include climate declaration, but also detailing greenhouse gas emissions and acidification to the consumption of resources etc.

CEO Paul Gustavsson said: "The message is clear: we can offer a copper product with much lower footprint than others, which will help customers meet their climate targets. Elcowire aims to be a strategic and sustainable partner for customers that are key to the ongoing electrification transition in society"

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Elcowire is one of the leading suppliers in Europe of products and services based on copper and aluminum wire rod for the electrical and infrastructure industry. Operations are in Sweden and Germany. Elcowire consists of five business units: Rod, Rail, High Voltage, Specials and Wire & Strands. The company has 400 employees and headquarters are in Helsingborg, Sweden. Elcowire is part of Liljedahl Group.