11/05/2022 – Auxiliaries

Drawing lubricants, coatings and chemicals for the wire industry

Pan Chemicals is an Italian Company producing high tech drawing lubricants, coatings and chemicals for the Wire Industry. It is present worldwide selling directly or through its network of Agents, Distributors and Branch Companies: Pan Chemicals Bosphorus in Turkey, Pan Chemicals Americas in Mexico.


Pan Chemicals producing drawing lubricants, coatings and chemicals for the wire Industry. © Pan Chemicals


Pan Chemicals is always looking for innovative ways to give its Customers a comprehensive and cutting-edge range of products necessary for wire drawing. Research and Development Department is always exploring new products and concepts and by challenging the state-of-the-art technologies, it is offering the base to improve performance and efficiency of its customers. Pan Chemicals always keeps its focus also on Environmental Sustainability, Labor Status and final Cost for its Customers.

With this aim, Pan Chemicals has recently added to its portfolio new high tech products, such as:
– Ashless lubricants for high quality surface after annealing.
– Polymer based precoating for Cold Forming application.
– Polymer precoat-lubricants for heavy duty bar drawing.
– Nanotechnology based protective coating for galvanized wires.
– Precoating for high-tensile galvanized steel wire drawing.
– Special nano-dispersion water base lubricants for fine and extra-fine drawing of high tensile wires.
– New concept drawing technologies based on special diamond dies.
– New design – high performing – compact pressure dies.

The production program also includes the following:
– “Panlube S” Dry drawing lubricants: full range of calcium, sodium, aluminium, zinc, lithium and combined products for low and high carbon steel and stainless steel.
– „Panlube L” Wet drawing lubricants: complete range of oils, greases and pastes for wet drawing of low and high carbon, welding wire and stainless steel.
– „Pancover” Lubricant carriers: phosphates and non-reactive coatings.
– “Panflux” Flux for galvanizing: especially developed to improve the efficiency of galvanizing process by a uniform control of the reaction between the two metals, reducing operation costs and improving the quality of the zinc coating.
– “Panchem” Auxiliary products: degreasing agents, pickling inhibitors, antirusting and protective products, activated charcoal, wiping pads, spiral brushes and more.

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