05/07/2021 – Pre-assembly and final assembly in the wire processing industry

DiIT presents „4Wire EAS”

With “4Wire EAS”, DiIT launches a new MES software (Manufacturing Execution System) for the wire processing industry. This software supports the heterogeneous processes seen in pre-assembly and final assembly, and is the very first standard solution for these production areas.




The new solution “4Wire EAS” (Extended Assembly System) is an expansion of the manufacturing execution system “4Wire CAO” (Cutting and Assembly Optimisation) from DiIT. While CAO maps the cutting area seen at wiring harness manufacturers, for example (production area “P1”), the new EAS software supports the subsequent processes in pre-assembly and final assembly (production areas “P2” and “P3”).

In contrast to the highly automated cutting area, the assembly areas are characterised by a high degree of heterogeneity. This applies both to materials and articles, and also to processes and devices. With the help of general concepts, the software helps wire processing companies to master this complex situation and to plan, control, optimise and document their assembly processes efficiently.

The most important features of 4Wire EAS are as follows:

– Individualization. The central elements of the system can be defined from scratch. These include materials, processes, articles, production plans, process-related data, quality control measures and devices. The elements can also be completely reconfigured at any time, when required. As a result, wiring harness manufacturers are able to react quickly and easily to changed requirements.

– Traceability. The software supports both the traceability of products and processes. Wiring harness manufacturers can trace the composition of every produced article at any time. Moreover, they also have the possibility of enhancing the model for product traceability with additional process-related data.

– Connectivity. 4Wire EAS allows for a wide range of different devices to be connected. On one hand, the software supports the native interfaces from various machine manufacturers. On the other hand, it also features general connectivity solutions for connecting devices with rudimentary or no interface functions.

– Integration capacity. A modern API allows for free integration of the software in existing IT landscapes. In this way, 4Wire EAS can read in master data, article data and order data from PLM and ERP systems, or transmit quality parameters to reporting solutions. Moreover, classic data transmission via file integration is also available as an alternative.

– Platform-independent. Only web front ends are deployed as user interfaces for end users. As a result, wiring harness manufacturers are not forced to equip every workstation with a complete PC. Instead, they can use tablets, which are cheaper and can be transported from one workstation to another. This allows manufacturers to keep their initial investment as low as possible.

“Many wire processing companies have already successfully unlocked the potential of using a Manufacturing Execution System in the cutting area,” explains Bernd Jost, Managing Director of DiIT. “They now have the option of taking the next logical step and also controlling and optimising the subsequent processes with a similar system. With 4Wire EAS, a standard solution is now available that guarantees smooth, reliable operation.”


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