Accessories for “RT” and “RTS” straighteners

Usually two straighteners are mounted in different planes. Assemblies with base plates are now also available for “RT” and “RTS” series straighteners.


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Up to six RT/RTS straighteners of the same size can be connected to form a straightening system or straightening chain. At least two straighteners of a straightening system or straightening chain must have an identical

 number of rollers. Connecting brackets “VW” are always part of a design. Discover our smart and ready-to-install assemblies, making it possible to straighten round wires in up to four straightening planes and achieving a convincing straightening quality. Connecting brackets VW connect at least two straighteners of the RT and/or RTS series to a straightening system. They are also an important element in the design of ready-to-install assemblies that use base plates and specific supports on which the VW connecting brackets are placed.


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