100% customized control systems made in Sweden

Sweden-based Lämneå Bruk AB is well known for high-quality, innovative, and enduring wire machinery equipment from complete lines to single, small machines. What is rather unknown is, that Lämneå Bruk has been building control systems including PLC controls, frequency inverters and operating terminals (HMIs) since the 1990s in their own workshop in Ljusfallshammar, Sweden.


Lämneå Bruk has done major investments in their electrical department. © Lämnea Bruk


Lämneå Bruk has also invested in a wiring station . © Lämnea Bruk


That a wire machinery manufacturer produces 100% customized electrical cabinets and control panels is certainly unique, and even more remarkable to mention that these control systems can be used not only for Lämneå Bruk machines but also for other manufacturer’s equipment.

 The development in electronic equipment is progressing constantly and rapidly, and often the technology utilized today is not compatible with older solutions. To avoid downtime, Lämneå Bruk strongly recommends planning for system upgrades before the machine malfunctions and production is interrupted.

 Lämneå Bruk assists wire producers with upgrades needed for frequency inverters, PLC systems, HMIs and other electrical components, for both Lämneå Bruk and other manufacturer’s machines. In case outdated electronics fail, Lämneå Bruk have customized, cost-effective solutions available. Custom-built spare parts maintain state-of-the-art electronics of mechanically working machinery that will significantly extend the electrical cabinets’ lifetime for efficient total lifetime costs.

Fast, accurate and automated panel building
Recently, Lämneå Bruk has done major investments in their electrical department, aimed at further increasing its competitiveness in international markets. Firstly, the innovative Swedes have acquired the “ModCenter” which provides an unsurpassed automated solution for custom control panel builders. Drawings from the electrical planners are directly exported to the machine, eliminating the previous paper trail. Instead of the wiremen manually measuring, drilling and taping, the ModCenter automatically produces perfectly aligned holes and cutouts based on the drawing. This feature not only improves the quality and accuracy of the panels immensely, but it also reduces machine lead times.

 Lämneå Bruk has also invested in a wiring station that delivers exactly the right wires in a fraction of the time compared to traditional wiring, marks them, and prepares the wires’ ends. With the automated machine, the wires are cut to the right length, terminated, and foreseen with printed markings and guide the wire path visually. The operators acknowledge when all connections are done, and routed wire lists are saved in the system for future reference. This process eliminates potential mistakes and reduces wiring times by up to 40%, saving staff time and costs significantly.

 One of Lämneå Bruk’s pillars of success is constant innovation and being a step ahead. Especially in these challenging times, customers need a reliable and trusted partner. Therefore, investing in automated processes towards a fully integrated factory 4.0 are just logical. The major advantages of automation in the electrical workshop are increased productivity, optimized labour processes, decreased lead times and operational costs whilst ensuring accurate and high-quality, customized outputs; all crucial for a timely delivery of their wire machinery equipment.

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