Currently and looking at 2021 all projects Flymca is involved in allow to see the future with great optimism, particularly, with commitments on deliveries till already mid-2021. © Flymca

08/01/2021 – Special and customized machinery required for cables

Special and customized machinery required for cables

Flymca with great optimism

Despite all the problems generated by the Covid-19 and thanks to the fact that all machines are built in the company´s own factory in Santander, North ... By  Jörg Dambock

Windak rewind line “OW26T-UW26T” demonstrated impeccable performance along with the improved ease of use. © Windak

Last year the brand new high-tech rewind line “OW26T-UW26T” left the doors of New Windak’s Process+Training Center in North Carolina. The line was delivered ... By  Jörg Dambock

The core piece of this new rolling mill is a 3-roll Reducing+Sizing Block [RSB] in 5.0 design supplied by Friedrich Kocks. © Friedrich Kocks

14/12/2020 – Successful commissioned

Successful commissioned

Kocks “RSB 5.0” at Xiangtan’s SBQ mill #3

The Chinese special steel producer Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron+Steel Co. Ltd. has started up its completely new SBQ mill #3. By  Jörg Dambock

With its vast amount of testing scales, the new “Wilson RH2150” hardness tester by Buehler – ITW Test+Measurement is an appropriate solution for a large range of applications in quality control and research environments. © Buehler-ITW

02/12/2020 – For metals, plastics and carbon materials

For metals, plastics and carbon materials

New hardness tester “Wilson RH2150”

The new “Wilson RH2150” represents the next generation of hardness testers by Buehler – ITW Test+Measurement GmbH, manufacturer of instruments, consumables ... By  Jörg Dambock

Cables are currently classified under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) in respect to reaction to fire properties, the UKCA scheme will be a mirror of the current CPR testing and auditing AVCP system. © Basec

Following an announcement made on 1st September by the UK Government, in respect to “UKCA” marking, there will now be additional considerations for all ... By  Jörg Dambock

View of the clamping cone and the Uhing “Easylock” of the expansion spool. © Uhing

17/11/2020 – Based on the known Uhing “Easylock” fast-action clamping system

Based on the known Uhing “Easylock” fast-action clamping system

Expansion spool warrants ease of operation for winding applications

It expands, increases its diameter and is then ready to take up material wound on it. By unlocking the positive release variant of the Uhing “Easylock”, ... By  Jörg Dambock

© Kieselstein

27/10/2020 – wire 2020 update

wire 2020 update

Smart solutions for strong technology

Kieselstein International GmbH is holding on to participation in the “wire” in December 2020 and hope that it can be held, despite the current developments. ... By  Jörg Dambock