13/01/2023 – Machines for production lines in China and Taiwan

Walsin Lihwa counts on wire inline pre-treatment technology from Witechs

In line with its efforts to mitigate operating impacts on the environment and their objectives for future development, Walsin Lihwa has placed an order with Witechs.


“SEZ-6-302” belt grinding descalers. © Witechs


“HSBE-3302” wire cleaning and coating machine. © Witechs


Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Walsin Lihwa operates in research and development of basic materials and relevant technology applications to gradually implement smart manufacturing processes. At the beginning of the 90s, Walsin Lihwa entered their current business domains and soon became internationally recognized for operational efficiency and sustainable growth.

The order includes a number of machines, among them are several “SEZ-6-302” belt grinding descalers and “HSBE-3302” wire cleaning and coating machines. The “SEZ-6-302” is designed to grind pre-descaled wire rod or wire of any other quality which has been pre-treated by other means. The “HSBE-3302” system has been developed for coating steel wire prior to further processing. Both machines apply to various wire diameter up to a maximum of 34mm. In addition to their high quality and environmentally friendly production, these units are praised for enabling fast paced and cost-efficient manufacturing processes. The machines are provided with the newest Siemens Human Machine interface and software. Due to efficient inventory management and close ties with suppliers, Witechs has been able to ensure timely delivery of its machines despite uncertainty in the global supply chain as a result of the pandemic. Founded in 2007, Witechs is a leading mechanical engineering company that specializes in wire inline pre-treatment.

With a service range consisting of wire pay-offs, systems for the mechanical descaling of wire and coating and cleaning of wire, Witechs’ team of expert engineers and technicians delivers a high level of value added right at the beginning of clients’ process chains.