01/06/2020 – Primetals Technologies sells to Chinese customer

Three high-speed wire rod mills

The new mills improved thermo-mechanical rolling capabilities will complement additional mills moving into the company’s main production base. The start-up is expected in mid- to late 2020.


Morgan Vee Mini-Block in operation. © Primetals


To consolidate its market position by upgrading its existing production capacity, a customer in the People’s Republic of China has signed a contract with Primetals Technologies for three high-speed wire rod mills in the northern region. The scope of supply for the single-strand high-speed wire rod mills will include three Morgan Vee Mini-Blocks as mini-finishing mills (MFM) with three sets of Morgan Intelligent Pinch Rolls and high speed laying heads, hydraulic systems, and oil lube systems. Two mills will have a two-stand 230 MFM and the third will have a two-stand 250 MFM. Primetals Technologies will also supply air/oil systems for a snap shear and rollerized turndown.

Each of the three mills will have an annual production capacity of 720,000t and a maximum operating speed of 115m/s, with a maximum rolling rate of 150t/h. The mills will produce rod ranging from 5.5mm to 20mm and 20mm to 28mm in diameter, rebar of 6mm to 16mm in diameter, and coil with an inner diameter of 850mm and an outer diameter of 1,250mm.

The customer, which preferred not to be named, is one of the largest raw material suppliers for fasteners in northern China. It also produces welding wire and carbon structural grades.