07/09/2023 – New ISO 22705-2:2023-02 published

Springs: Measurement and test parameters

After a long development process, at the beginning of February 2023, the new ISO 22705-2:2023-02 "Springs - Measurement and test parameters - Part 2: Cold formed cylindrical helical extension springs" was published.




Over the last three years, the ISO document has also been largely developed on the basis of this work. In various face-to-face and web meetings at the ISO level, involving eleven countries from North America, Europe and Asia, the more than 300 comments received were carefully discussed and a consensus was always reached. Although technical springs are among the oldest machine elements, prior to these guidelines there was no document describing the measurement and testing of the essential characteristics of a tension spring. As a result, misunderstandings between spring manufacturers and their customers increased. This standard is intended to facilitate communication between spring manufacturers and their customers, unless otherwise agreed. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed to this standard for their good and purposeful cooperation over the past years. In particular, we would like to thank all the participants in the ISO meetings, as well as the staff of the respective national standards committees and ISO, who have always supported and accompanied the process in the background.