11/01/2022 – Upgrade of PGM smelting furnace

Sibanye-Stillwater selects Tenova Pyromet

Tenova Pyromet, a Tenova company specialising in the design and supply of submerged arc furnace technology for the metals industry, has been selected by Sibanye-Stillwater* as their technology partner for the upgrade of their largest PGM (Platinum Group Metals) smelting furnace.


The construction phase is due to start during the second quarter of 2022. © Tenova


Sibanye-Stillwater awarded a feasibility study in November 2020 to Tenova Pyromet to develop the upfront engineering and budget estimate for the upgrade of the crucible of their Furnace no. 1 at Marikana, North West Province, South Africa. Subsequently, in July 2021, Tenova Pyromet has been awarded the contract for the detail design, supply and construction of the furnace crucible upgrade. The detail engineering and procurement phase is well underway, and the construction phase is due to start during the second quarter of 2022.

Sibanye-Stillwater’s main objectives with the furnace upgrade are to further improve reliability, campaign life and availability in the long run. According to Bennie du Toit, Sibanye-Stillwater Vice President Smelting, “We selected Tenova Pyromet for the Furnace no. 1 upgrade based on their innovative technical offering as well as our positive experience with Furnace no. 2, which has been reliable and stable for almost a decade.”

Furnace no. 2 was designed, supplied and constructed by Tenova Pyromet and started up in 2012. Tenova Pyromet’s innovative composite graphite-copper sidewall coolers will be employed in the upgraded furnace sidewall. The design represents the next iteration of the reliable copper plate cooler design used on Furnace no. 2 combined with Tenova Pyromet’s composite graphite-copper “Maxicool” high intensity coolers, successfully in operation on another PGM smelter.

Tenova developed a patent that covers the use of graphite in combination with copper cooling to prevent the sulphide corrosion of the copper cooling elements in a furnace sidewall. The use of graphite helps to protect the copper cooler from the corrosion caused by free sulphur present in the furnace sidewall adjacent to the concentrate feed layer.

“Tenova Pyromet is honoured to be selected by Sibanye-Stillwater and it is a privilege to continue our relationship with their highly competent smelter team. They continually challenge us to improve our technology and products”, stated Hugo Joubert, Tenova Pyromet Manager for Base Metals and Copper Products. To date, Tenova Pyromet has designed and supplied 8 circular PGM smelting furnaces in South Africa.




About Tenova Pyromet
Tenova Pyromet is a leading company in the design and supply of high capacity AC and DC furnaces and complete smelting plants for production of ferroalloys, base metals, slag cleaning and refining. Tenova Pyromet also designs and supplies equipment for material handling and pre-treatment, alloy conversion and refining, granulation of metal, matte and slag, furnace off-gas fume collection and treatment, and treatment of hazardous dusts and waste. Tenova Pyromet has several technologies to reduce operating costs and increase production efficiencies.

About Tenova
Tenova, a Techint Group company, is a worldwide partner for sustainable, innovative and reliable solutions in the metals and – through the well-known “Takraf” and “Delkor” brands – in the mining industries. Tenova leverages a workforce of over 2,000 forward-thinking professionals located in 19 countries across 5 continents, who design technologies and develop services that help companies reduce costs, save energy, limit environmental impact and improve working conditions.