15/09/2021 – Wafios announces successor to David Purcell

Markus Arnold new Managing Director for Wafios Machinery Corporation

Wafios AG, Reutlingen/Germany, appoints Markus Arnold as new Managing Director for the American Subsidiary Wafios Machinery Corporation. It has been announced that the successor to David Purcell, who died in a tragic accident last year, will come from within the ranks.


Markus Arnold is the new Managing Director for the American Subsidiary Wafios Machinery Corporation. © Wafios


Executive Board spokesman Dr. Ing. Uwe-Peter Weigmann is pleased that Markus Arnold, an experienced manager from the parent company, could be won for this position. "He is one of us, he knows the company well, identifies with Wafios AG, knows the corporate philosophy and comes with a good in-house network of contacts," explained Mr.Weigmann in a short statement.

The appointment of the new Managing Director was delayed by the Corona pandemic. However, the interim management of the parent company, in cooperation with the management in the USA, was able to bridge this period well.

Markus Arnold has been able to gain extensive experience in various positions, most recently as head of the Tool Center in Reutlingen, and is well acquainted with the machinery range. Having been with the company for many years and having traveled extensively, he is familiar with the conditions in the USA and already knows the local employees very well.

On September 1, Markus Arnold arrived in Branford at the headquarters of the American Wafios subsidiary. The married father of three children moves his entire family to Connecticut.