06/01/2021 – Plant manager for new North Carolina facility

LLFlex hires Shawn Sylvester

LLFlex, one of the global leaders in packaging materials and industrial laminate solutions for wire and cable, has hired Shawn Sylvester as plant manager for its new manufacturing facility in High Point, North Carolina/USA.


LLFlex has hired Shawn Sylvester as Plant Manager for its new manufacturing facility in High Point, North Carolina/USA. © LLFlex


Shawn Sylvester will oversee day-to-day operations at the recently opened plant, which significantly expands LLFlex’s output capacity and includes equipment supporting its two main business segments, Packaging and Industrial Laminates.

Prior to joining LLFlex, Mr. Sylvester held several upwardly mobile positions during an 18-year tenure with Mannington Wood and Laminate Floors, starting as a Quality Manager and eventually serving as Plant Manager starting in 2014. He is certified as a Six Sigma Black Belt and Manager of Quality & Organizational Excellence by the American Society for Quality.

LLFlex’s North Carolina plant houses high-speed, premium-efficiency equipment for custom laminating, coating, embossing, and slitting to address growing product demand. The facility utilizes state-of-the-art automated slitting and packaging robotics to provide short lead times and customized solutions.

For the Industrial Laminates segment, which caters to the wire and cable, building and construction and other industrial markets, a new laminator with multiple coating stations and dedicated slitter are complemented by an advanced steel, copper and aluminum cable wrap production cell which adds upwards of 43 million lbs of combined slitting and laminated capacity annually for these industrial markets.

“Shawn’s quality assurance and management expertise will assure consistently excellent manufacturing standards as production at the North Carolina facility continues to ramp up,” said Victor Dixon, CEO of LLFlex. “With the spacious new facility providing LLFlex ample elbow room for production growth as well as a regional warehouse, distribution and logistics center, Shawn’s leadership will be instrumental to adding products and services while ensuring premium product quality.”


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