08/07/2020 – New majority shareholder

Gauder+Co continues with the French company Setic

Gauder+Co, historical owner of the Gauder Group, is proud to be the majority shareholder of the French company Setic since June 05th, 2020.


Setic-line: Group twinner. © Setic


That will become stronger and will have committed financial partners in order to reinforce its business relationship with its customers and suppliers around the world.

Setic and Pourtier, acquired by Sampsistemi in 2018, are two well known French Companies, previously part of the Gauder Group, with more than 100 years of combined experience in the design and manufacture of high technology rotating equipment. Among its master buy, there are heavy-duty stranders, cables and armouring lines, single twist lines, double twist bunchers/ stranders and large double twist machines.

All the activities remain in the company Setic:

1. Setic, leader in LAN, data and communication cable machinery, specialized in high technology rotating equipment.

2. Pourtier, leader in Milliken, specialized in rotating machines for Power Cables.

3. C2S, the service division for customers such as spare parts, consumables, upgrade, bows…for all brands.

It will significantly strengthen Setic, Pourtier and C2S scopes of supplies. Indeed, the situation will improve the company’s ability to provide a high level of customer support. The technical and sales team will still be in two places in France (Roanne and Paris suburb).

Despite the Covid-19 crisis and the market contraction, Setic is involved in serious projects for data, communication and special cables in various areas in the world. In this very difficult period, Setic and Pourtier continued to serve their customers and to deliver orders in USA, Italy, Germany and Russia during the past three months, and is expecting soon a delivery to China.