05/08/2022 – Technical book closes gap in technical literature on cable production

“Braiding – manufacture of braids for cable and wires”

After his first books with the titles "Process analysis of double-twist bunching" and "Copper wire drawing", Martin Herzog in his new work deals with the subject of "Braiding – Manufacture of Braids for Cable and Wires".


“Braiding – manufacture of braids for cable and wires” , the third book by Martin Herzog.


On 60 pages with more than 40 pictures, the basic knowledge for the production of braids in cable manufacturing is conveyed in simple language. The author goes into detail about two main machine types, the bobbin braider and the rotary braider, he compares the processes with each other and shows their advantages and disadvantages.

Not only the machines themselves are described, but also the additional units such as unwinders and winders, as well as the subject of rewinding braiding wires. In a separate chapter, Herzog also deals with the application of tapes under the braid in a single operation.

The calculation of the essential braiding parameters is presented with simple formulas and supplemented with examples.

The book fills a gap in the technical literature for cable production. It is both an introduction for young technicians and a summary of the state of the art for experts, providing suggestions for process improvements.

“Braiding – manufacture of braids for cable and wires”

Martin Herzog

ISBN 978-3-00-9823546-1-3

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