Cimteq’s “Cable Builder Enterprise” and Aesa Cortaillod’s quality management software, “CIQ”, present a unified cable testing solution from product design direct to cable testing equipment. © Cimteq

27.06.22 – On our own behalf - Wire

On our own behalf - Wire

Week 25/2022 in retrospect

Here, we present you the top articles from our four categories. This week, the most read one comes from the category „Business“. Von  Daniel Keienburg

9-in-1 single flame propagation test systems according to IEC, UL and ISO standards. © SIF

19.06.22 – Quality management

Quality management

9-in-1 single flame propagation test system

33 years in development and innovation of Test Systems, tailored on customer needs. Everything began with a spark…tester! But the journey has continued ... Von  Jörg Dambock