Using measuring technique to its full potential

Measuring system “X-Ray 6000 Pro” controls the quality of cables directly in the extrusion line. Within milliseconds, an X-ray image is generated with diameter, ovality, wall thickness and eccentricity, and it is generated and displayed on the monitor of the “Ecocontrol 6000”processor system.


Standardanzeige bei „Ecocontrol 6000“ mit acht Messwerten. © Sikora


„X-Ray 6000 Pro“ mit Prozessorsystem „Ecocontrol 6000“. © Sikora


Since the early 1990s, German enterprise Sikora has been offering X-ray technologies in combination with processor systems for quality control of cables. While first generation processor systems were limited to visualizing four measured values, their mean value and the smallest wall thickness, today the user gets a much more comprehensive display thanks to higher computing power.

The “X-Ray 6000 Pro” for measuring multilayer products is combined with the “Ecocontrol 6000“ display and control system, and a powerful processor system with a vertically arranged 22-inch TFT monitor. On this monitor the measured values are displayed numerically and graphically as trend and statistical data. By default, the wall thickness is displayed at eight measuring points. In addition, a physical evaluation model determines the minimum wall thickness - i.e. the existing value that optimally supports the user in controlling the process.

This physical model also allows the wall thickness to be visualized at any point over the entire circumference of the cable. For example – as an alternative to the standard display of eight measured values – a display with twelve or more measured values is possible. The user chooses how many points and at which position the values are to be displayed. The processor system is also used for automatic control of the line speed or extruder speed. It thus guarantees compliance with the specified specifications and maximum performance for maximum process optimization and productivity.

The “X-Ray 6000” is available as an alternative to the X-Ray 6000 Pro. The measuring system, which focuses on single layer products, displays the production data on an integrated 7-inch monitor at four measuring points. In combination with an Ecocontrol 6000, 1000 or 600 processor system, the line can also be controlled via line speed or extruder speed.

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