19/03/2024 – Wire processing

U bolt machines

Videx Machine Engineering from Israel has been manufacturing machinery for U bolts, anchor bolts and eye bolts since 1973. The machines work from wire coil and perform all operations fully automatically.


M12 to M24 bolt machine. © Videx


U bolts made on Videx machine. © Videx

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Today’s market demands are small production batches, requiring short change-over times and operator-friendly tooling. Videx has recently added the new line of “VAS-DBQ” machines, and customers will no longer have to make bending dies for each part. The new machines are supplied with a floating bending die that covers the entire range of round and square bottom U Bolts, enabling customers to make new sizes of U bolts in minutes. The “VAS-DBQ” models are equipped with a positive stripper system that allows running the machines at the fastest possible speed without risking parts jamming.

The new Videx “Operator Consoles” display now many of the instructions and machine feedback that were previously included in the operator’s manual. These new screens allow easy translation of the operator to the customers’ language. Servicing the machine is now done remotely by Videx engineers and is available at short notice.

Videx is now offering a laptop with all the software and drivers, allowing servicing the machine remotely within a short notice. The machines can also perform cold forming operations such as heading and extrusion and material removing operations such as drilling, pointing, etc.

The following operations can be performed on the “VAS” lines in any sequence:
– Chamfer Cutting (pointing)
– Chamfer Rolling
– Thread and Form Rolling
– Knurling
– Extrusion of the ends prior to thread rolling
– Collaring
– Heading
– Grooving
– Drilling
– Bending
– Flattening

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