28/04/2021 – Braiding

Tradition in braiding machine construction

Spirka Schnellflechter (SSB) embodies a more than 100-year old tradition in braiding machine construction and has its origins in Schnellflechter Berlin GmbH, whose roots go back to the company Guido Horn (founded in 1908) and Spirka Maschinenbau GmbH, founded in 1951 in Alfeld /Leine.


Schnellflechter`s roots go back to Guido Horn (founded in 1908). © Spirka Schnellflechter


© Spirka Schnellflechter

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In addition to braiding machines, the company also manufactures spiraling and winding machines as well as wire pay offs for a wide range of applications. Their customers include large international companies and medium-sized companies in the cable industry, medical technology and hose manufacturing.

 The requirements of the industry with regard to the highest quality, increased efficiency in the braiding processes, the handling of new and more sensitive braiding materials as well as customer-specific solutions are the focus of Spirka Schnellflechter's further developments.

The braiding machine program includes vertical and horizontal rotary braiding machines with up to 36 spools, which are suitable for a product diameter of up to 65mm. They enable an important manufacturing step for coaxial, control or power cables as well as reinforced hoses and catheters for medical technology.

 Semi and fully automatic winding machines can be operated in combination with static as well as motorized single wire payoffs for spools up to 250mm. In addition, we offer highly efficient multi-wire payoffs for drums up to 630mm. The two or four-reel fully automatic winding machine can work with constant line speed or with constant bobbin speed and guarantees a user-friendly and high-quality winding process based on recipe management.

 Spiraling machines with a number of reels up to 24 reels in the vertical and up to 36 reels in the horizontal area complete the program for users in the cable and hose industry.

 The long-standing collaboration in the United States between Spirka Schnellflechter and Wardwell Braiding helps to offer a comprehensive range of braiding and winding machines for almost all applications in the cable and hose industry.

Complete solutions
A major advantage for the worldwide customer base is the availability of the complete equipment range, such as Longitudinal tape units, central tape winders (before and after the braid, integrated or provided), winding and unwinding technology (with dancer control on request), empty bobbin detection systems, temperature monitoring, recipe management and much more from a single source.

Industry 4.0
Activities in this sector include:
– Energy and process data acquisition, processing, provision and transfer.
– Remote maintenance via a VPN gateway.

Spare parts and service offer
SSB guarantees spare parts supply and service for all braiding and winding machines supplied as well as for braiding equipment on the market of the brands Hacoba, Wardwell Europe, Spirka and Schnellflechter.

Machine overhaul
Overhaul is an cost-effective alternative to buying a new one. The customer machine is carefully dismantled and inspected and damaged or worn parts are either repaired or replaced. For example, the slideway elements are serviced in order to compensate for the wear and tear associated with daily use. The machine is returned to a fully functional state. Service and spare parts supply are comprehensively guaranteed despite the Corona crisis.

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