24/05/2023 – Uhing offer expansion spool in three sizes

Sustainable expansions spool proves its worth

User-friendly handling and a zero waste production: The “Expansion Spool” proves its worth when recycled material is wound onto a reusable spool core.


The expansion spool is available in three sizes. © Uhing


The expansion spool operated in a rewinder. © Uhing

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The core expands and increases its diameter when the spool is clamped and is then ready to take up material wound on it. By unlocking the Uhing “Easylock”, the spool core diameter shrinks, and the material wound on it can be easily stripped off the spool core. Depending on the spool size and material properties, the material drops off or can be pulled off easily so that the pure wound material can be recycled. The core of the expansion spool is immediately ready for reuse. This sustainable solution saves working time and resources.

At present, Uhing offer the expansion spool in three sizes for shaft diameters of 15mm, 20mm, and 25mm and winding capacities of 1,050cm³ to 4,400cm³. As known from the Uhing “Easylock”, operation is simple: clamping and unclamping without tools and with only one hand.

“A customer sparked off the idea for this simple, mechanical solution that integrates the Uhing “Easylock”, a product of long years’ standing. Next to user-friendliness, it also has the advantage of zero waste production,” explains Wolfgang Weber, Uhing’s Managing Director.

The areas of application for the new expansion spool are: coreless winding, winding of faulty material or winding of edge trim or edge material for recycling. As it can be reused, the expansion spool, in contrast to pneumatic solutions, offers the benefit of zero energy requirements – it works purely mechanical and does not require any additional cardboard or wooden cores that must be separated from the wound material during recycling.

A video on Uhing’s website shows the effortless handling and how easily material and spool core can be separated.
Product video: https://www.uhing.com/de/produkte/zubehoer

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