03/06/2022 – Drawing, braiding, bunching

Sustainability and energy savings

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff will show at “wire” a multiwire drawing line type “MMH 112 + RM 202 + S 632”, a “BMV 16” type rotary braiding machine with integrated “BAS 800” take-up and pay-off unit, and a “D 632” type double twist bunching machine with “ARP 630” pay off.


Double twist bunching machine type “D 632”. © Niehoff


Rotary braiding machine type “BMV 16”. © Niehoff

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The “MMH 112 + RM 202 + S 632” type line embodies a new generation of multiwire drawing lines for more energy savings and higher production speeds.

The “BMV 16” type braider is connected with digitizing technologies enabling a considerable increase of rotational speed, material savings and quality improvement.

The “D 632” type double twist buncher with new functions is able to produce hard copper-alloy strands e.g. CuSn0.3 with up to 7,000tpm.

The “BMV 16” and the “D 632” will be operational and can be demonstrated with wire.

Furthermore, visitors will learn how they can benefit from Niehoff’s after-sales-service, from machinery upgrading possibilities and from Niehoff’s digitization concept with the web application “my Niehoff”, formerly known as “Niehoff Digital Assistant+”.

Niehoff machines are characterized by an outstanding good energy efficiency. This means that during their operation the users can save considerable energy costs. In view of dramatically rising energy prices, this is a major competitive advantage. Furthermore, all Niehoff machines are designed to ensure sustainability, longevity and an economical consumption of materials. Tolerance specifications can be fully exploited.

wire 2022, hall 10 booth C 06

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