10/04/2023 – Automatic straightening machines

Straightening with multiple working rotors

Eurobend offers a full range of high-performance automatic straightening machines for different wire qualities covering the diameter range from Ø2mm up to Ø12mm. The “MELC Polyline” series are multi-line wire straightening machines with simultaneously operating straightening rotors.


Photo 1: Three-line machine, model “MELC 2-10x3” with mechanical stop length precision measuring system. © Eurobend


Photo 2: Three-line machine, model “MELC 2-10x3” with electronic length measuring system “NC”.

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Two and three rotor models are available. These are machines with high production output. There are models with rotors for different diameter ranges each and models with rotors that all cover the same diameter range achieving production speeds of up to 250m/min.

Depending on the production requirements, the rotors can all be operated simultaneously or individually. The same or different diameters are processed by each rotor and the same or different lengths are cut off. Maximum flexibility in production operations is guaranteed.

Thanks to the unique rotor straightening system, excellent straightening accuracies of better than 1/1000 are guaranteed. Due to the very low friction the wire is not heated, as with conventional methods with straightening dies or straightening rollers, the surface is not damaged and the energy costs are reduced by up to 40%.

As a result of the low friction, the lifespan of the hyperbolic rollers is extremely long. There is no longer any need to re-adjust the rollers, as is the case with the hard metal dies of conventional systems. The excellent straightening quality is guaranteed in the long term. This fact and the modern monitoring electronics ensure a minimal use of personnel. The machines can be operated practically unattended.

Depending on the model, two types of length measuring systems are available:
1) a numerical measuring system, type “NC”, with a rotary encoder. Length inaccuracies of ± 1mm-2mm are achieved.
2) a mechanical stop system, type “MS”. Here the length accuracy increases to ± 0.1mm

Flying cutting units with a sophisticated design ensure a clean, burr-free, round cut without interrupting the feed and damaging the material.

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