14/05/2022 – “PLT B K3K6” spacer welding machine

Six simultaneous cross wire feeds

Eurobend GmbH will be presenting this year at “wire” in Dusseldorf the unique “PLT B K3K6” spacer welding machine for A- shaped spacers and bar supports. The machine is characterized by its speed.


Welding system of the “PLT B K3K6” machine. © Eurobend


Automatic stacking and removing of the product bundles from the working area. © Eurobend

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The fast production time is made possible thanks to the simultaneous feeding and welding of six cross wires. The “T”-welding method of the cross wires offers many advantages: significant material savings, much higher stability and better, compact stacking of the spacers.

The layout shows the six-fold transverse and three-fold line wire feeding. The machine works with a total of 9 coils and produces A-spacers and bar supports with a height of 20mm to 250mm. The finished product is stacked fully automatically and placed on the machine's delivery table as a product bundle.

 In addition to its productivity, what makes the machine so special is its simple yet effective design. Effortless access to all machine components is possible at any time. The design deliberately leaves nothing hidden and makes maintenance work much easier.

 The machines for A-shaped spacers and bar supports are successfully in operation in Germany and neighboring European countries. The highly productive models with six simultaneous cross wire feeds is in use in England, the USA, Turkey and Israel. This machine is ideal for companies with high productivity requirements.

wire 2022, hall 15 booth E 28

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