30/03/2024 – Wire manufacturing

Seven companies in one group

The Künne Group, headquartered in Hemer, Germany, will be represented with its three manufacturing companies at “wire 2024” in Düsseldorf.


Various wires during patenting process. © Künne


Closer look onto wire ropes and their strand structures. © Künne


Nowadays the Künne Group consists of seven different companies – three of them process steel or steel wire. The history of the group goes back to 1709, when a company was initially founded at today´s location in Hemer at the Westiger Brook. Over time, the name H. Künne GmbH+Co. KG has been established. The expansion into an internationally active group with a vertical orientation began over 25 years ago with the relocation of a complete wire rope production facility from Bremen to Hemer. Since 1999 the market has been known as "Drahtseilwerk Hemer". In 2002, the company took over Drahtwerk Altena, which had its origins in 1853 as Berg+Düsterloh. Additionally, the company Wagener, also founded in Altena in 1875, has been overtaken in 2009. Both wire plants were merged for reasons of synergy officially in 2016 and have been operating as Drahtwerk Wagener since then.

H. Künne GmbH+Co. KG is a manufacturer of high-carbon steel wires in accordance with EN 10264-2/3 or EN 10270-1, as well as low-carbon iron wires in accordance with EN 10016-2, EN 10025 or EN 10263-2+4.

Steel wires in the 0.20mm to 10.00mm range are used in all areas of rope production. Also in the manufacture of technical springs, flexible shafts and bent parts as well as for user-specific applications. Künne supplies patented drawn wires. All common strength classes and higher strengths are possible on request. The wire surfaces can be ordered either bright phosphated or galvanized class B. In terms of packaging, all known forms from Z2/Z3 coils to sheet metal and plastic spools to crown stands are used. Flexible spooling of customer-specific containers is also possible.

Iron wires in the 1.50mm to 13.00mm range are used as bent parts, screws, nuts, rivets or are processed into braids or grids. The surfaces can be selected from different kinds of bright, phosphated and also copper-plated. As standard, the iron wires are packed as coils, spooled coils or on crown stands.

Künne Group is a vertically diversificated operating group
Drahtwerk Wagener is specialised in the production of patented drawn spring steel wires in the 0.50mm to 10.00mm range in accordance with EN 10270-1 and different other standards like DIN 17223-1 or ASTM A228.

The spring steel wires are used for all segments of technical springs and their applications. This can be done within all standard-compliant strength ranges. In addition to the typical spring steel wires, Drahtwerk Wagener produces steel wires for special applications.

The packaging designs are almost identical to Künne and cover all commonly used types. In Altena, it is also possible to fill customers' own containers.

Drahtseilwerk Hemer is a manufacturer and assembler of ropes for agriculture and forestry, crane ropes and lifting equipment. Strands and ropes in accordance with EN 12385-4 and DIN EN 3052/3053/3054 are also produced. These are used in mechanical engineering, the automotive sector and the aerospace industry, among others like mentioned before and hoisting industry as well as wind energy industry.

Under the “Taurus” brand, Drahtseilwerk Hemer sells wire ropes from 6mm diameter on with additional compacted cross-sections. In addition, wire rope slings in accordance with DIN EN 13414 and various wire rope accessories are available in Hemer, too.

Besides the three manufacturing companies, the group also includes four trading companies. Three of them deal exclusively with the sale of all the above-mentioned ropes as well as the trade in all types of accessories required for them. Through its vertical diversification, the Künne Group bundles its experience at every level and strengthens its expertise as a broadly positioned and internationally active group.

Author of this article is André Minichshofer, Head of Sales.

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