Prysmian to realise submarine telecom cable system in Chile

Gtd Teleductos S.A., a Chilean telecom operator, has awarded Prysmian Group to develop a turnkey repeaterless submarine cable system connecting Arica to Puerto Montt in Chile.

Milan/Italy (Prysmian) – Prysmian is leading in the energy and telecom cable systems industry. The contract’s worth around is around 50 million Euros. The contracts have been secured through the Group’s submarine telecom division NSW, which became part of Prysmian Group following the acquisition of General Cable. “This contract represents a milestone for Prysmian Group as it is the first submarine telecom interconnection project obtained after the acquisition of General Cable. It marks Prysmian’s return to this business,” stated Hakan Ozmen, EVP Project BU of Prysmian Group. The project was a further proof of the excellent quality of the company’s cables. It involves the design, supply and installation of over 3,550km of repeaterless fibre optic submarine cables. Prysmian will supply 11 cable segments of a length ranging from 135km to more than 400km. The cables will be produced at Prysmian’s state-of-the-art production facility in Nordenham/Germany, which became part of the Group as a result of the recent acquisition of General Cable. Delivery of cables is planned by December 2019. The project envisages a repeaterless festoon system that will provide telecommunication connectivity to the whole country, in addition to linking Chile to Central and North America.



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