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Partner in stranding

As the demand for cables continues to grow in our interconnected world, the role of stranding machines in meeting these demands cannot be overstated. AEI Stranders evolve and adopt new market requirements delivering reliable and adaptable cables needed for a connected future.


Rigid stranding machine RPBE. © AEI


Stranding machines offer unmatched efficiency, precision, and flexibility. They play a pivotal role in ensuring the production of high-quality, reliable cables while also contributing to environmental sustainability, by reducing the carbon footprint of cable manufacturing through optimizing materials usage, reducing waste, lower energy consumption, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

 With more than 50 years’ history in the making of Rigid Stranding machines, AEI Machines has been selected for projects in varied regions across Europe, Asia, Americas, Middle East and Africa, competing in global arena for demanding applications, with Rigid Stranders that satisfy various safety and conformity certifications.

Some of the applications include machines for manufacture of:
– Highly compact round conductor up to 2,500mm² in single pass for EHV cables
– Milliken segments for conductor up to 3,000mm² / 500kV
– High speed manufacture of conductor for low voltage cables
– New generation HTLS conductor TW/CFCC
– High speed manufacture of various overhead conductor ACSR/AAAC
– Copper wire screening of high voltage cables
– Steel wire/strip armouring
– Laying up of control cables

Technology and performance
AEI manufactures one product – rigid stranding machines, probably the only company in the world with this exclusive specialisation over the last 50 years. This proven expertise has enabled the company to focus on every nuance of the machine and process; to offer advanced technology, high performance machines. Innovation and focus on technical advancements in the stranding process are two critical elements that define the culture of the company resulting to a machine that is known for technological prowess, performance and robustness. All machines are Industry 4.0 ready and include features such as fully networked architecture, remote access and monitoring, data collection and transmission features. High production flexibility, enhanced safety, reduced down time and minimum maintenance efforts are hallmarks of AEI Machines.

At AEI the materials (selecting the right grade as per their application for long life) and workmanship of each component is of utmost importance in order to manufacture robust machines that not only deliver high rated speeds initially but do not derate in performance over the years. Moreover, all bought out parts - big or small - are global top makes with high reliability and easily-reachable network locally.

Even though 2 makes of machines might seem similar on paper and in photographs, Rigid Stranders are dynamic rotating machines which undergo severe centrifugal forces and are therefore prone to rapid wear if not manufactured correctly. Other elements are easy to transfer but it takes years to master the workmanship required to ensure consistent long term performance of rigid stranders. AEI Machines’ team of very experienced technicians have the skills required for high tolerance machine-building that ensures AEI Stranders perform consistently over several years.

Every machine undergoes complete no-load testing at AEI works floor ensuring full commercial production can be taken on Day 1 of commissioning. Being a manufacturer offering rigid stranders only allows AEI to offer prompt support whether it is with availability of spares, service (onsite and remote) or process support throughout the lifetime of the machine.

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