27/07/2022 – Higher interest and numerous large projects to discuss

Order for a group twinner line

After a 4 years hiatus, Setic, Pourtier, C2S and Bow Technology participated to the wire and cable world’s leading trade fair “wire” in Düsseldorf.


Setic, Pourtier, C2S and Bow Technology always showed strong commitment to support the wire and able industry. © Setic/Pourtier


Compared to previous editions, there were fewer visitors, but the smaller audience was very well balanced out by greater interest and many great projects being discussed.

This quality and variety of discussions on their booth was the main reason for the companies to attend the “wire”.

Setic, Pourtier, C2S and Bow Technology always showed strong commitment to support the wire and cable industry, and once again visitors have rewarded and reinforced them by bringing repeat or new collaborations, even finalizing several contracts, among them a repeat order for a Group Twinner line from a famous European cable player.

Setic and Pourtier knowhow was displayed through machines on their booth. The reactions, curiosity, and number of questions from existing and new customers confirmed that the technological and modern solutions offered by them are what the industry needs for current and future productions facilities.

The following technologies were on display:

– One complete high speed 630mm pairing line/quadding line, composed with a modernized design, single bow backtwist pay-off and double twist data automotive, LAN and special cables, presenting solutions for industry 4.0.

– 1000mm high speed single twist assembling machine (AST1000R) illustrating versatility (LAN, control, instrumentation, data, battery… cable) and flexibility (laying-up, stranding, wire armouring process).

– High speed 1250 mm double twist stranding machine (TC1250-4M) highlighting the large range of double twist machines up to 2000mm for stranding up to 61 wires, laying-up of insulated cores or bare flexible copper conductors

– High speed tangential taping head 600mm, 2 pads: Taping/Armouring machines (tangential, oblique, concentric, longitudinal) to discover all kinds of applicators for various taping processes

– C2S services and bow technology