03/04/2024 – Spring manufacturing / materials

One stop shop for high quality spring wire

Suzuki Garphyttan produces steel wire for spring manufacturing. Through strategic and proactive efforts, they rapidly tackle new markets and product applications. “We are a one stop shop for all those in need of wire for various types of springs,” says Ulf Quadflieg, Business Area Manager EMEA.


Suzuki Garphyttan produces steel wire for spring manufacturing. © Suzuki Garphyttan


Suzuki Garphyttan has acquired genuine expertise in high quality production of steel wire that meets extreme requirements. © Suzuki Garphyttan

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With decades of experience in the automotive industry, Suzuki Garphyttan has acquired genuine expertise in high quality production of steel wire that meets extreme requirements. The company is continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to fatigue, strength, and customization. This effort is driven by an increased demand from customers and a driving force to deliver quality products to new markets.

Much knowledge gained
Business Area Manager EMEA, Ulf Quadflieg, knows that the combination of understanding material quality, production methods, and keen ears to the changing demands of the market provides Suzuki Garphyttan with a unique position. “Currently, we are focusing on high quality cold drawn wire. This, coupled with a commitment to innovation in surface treatment methods, provides us with tremendous versatility as we incorporate all the knowledge we have gained over the years in the automotive industry. By leveraging both, drawing and rolling techniques, we can transform a wire into a complex shape tailored to the exact specifications of the clients. Altogether, I am confident we have a strong position moving forward.“

Sustainability is a given
 Whether it's a bright and shiny finish for medical applications or a more robust treatment for industrial use, Suzuki Garphyttan leaves no stone unturned in its pursuit of meeting the expectations of their customers.

 “We are on an exciting journey of progress, where we remain strongly focused on existing customers, but also with a high ambition to gain market share in new markets and segments. This is one reason for our intense interest in the development of cold drawn wire, says Ulf Quadflieg .The steel wire and its properties are one thing. In today's market, other values are becoming increasingly important, in both customers' and consumers' eyes. Sustainability issues are one significant example.

 "The expectations are, and should be, high. Customers want to see reduced carbon footprints both through product design, through smart production methods, and material choices. This is no longer a discussion, these are requirements we must meet." underscores the Business Area Manager EMEA

 Customers can learn about this and much more at Suzuki Garphyttan's booth at “wire 2024” in Düsseldorf. Everyone is welcome and can bring up whatever their business needs to make stronger and better products. Suzuki Garphyttan work with big production volumes and also with small, specialised test series.

wire 2024, hall 12 booth D 71/D 72

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