18/11/2020 – Enticing solution for many applications

One-button conversion

Whether rolling ring drive in a rewinder or winding under extreme conditions – an electronic control unit for the rolling ring drive replaces many mechanical accessories that were required before. With the functions of the Uhing “Motion Drive”, several specialised applications can be implemented. And all this by pressing a software button.


5 years Uhing “Motion Drive” – enticing solution for many applications. © Joachim Uhing


This is not a novelty: There was always a multitude of accessories for the tried and tested Uhing rolling ring drive to adapt it to varying customer requirements and areas of application. Customers always had the choice among mechanical, electromagnetic or pneumatic switch-over and between delayed and instantaneous switch-over: For example the self-adjusting end stops that change the switch-over position for each pass as is necessary for biconical spools.
The advanced Uhing “Motion Drive” now offers a digital all-in-one solution. It can govern all known mechanical parameters with a single control unit. This makes various functions and variable applications possible. The result: No need to convert the entire drive ever again. Now, you change the program by simply pressing a button. Changes in speed, stroke amplitude and curve, switch-over points, traversing standstills and delays – you can do all this with your fingertip.
No need to mention that, in addition to standardised winding programmes, you can also write your own customised programmes. And what's best: Even older purely mechanic rolling ring drives can be retrofitted with this ingenious technology. Five years Uhing Motion Drive®. A small step for the Uhing engineers – but a great step for the evolution of automation. Wolfgang Weber, Managing director: “With Uhing ‘Motion Drive’, we identified our users’ need for digitalisation of mechanical automation processes at an early stage. And we took action accordingly.” Check this out for more details: www.uhing-rg.de presents a virtual animation that allows interested developers to discover the possibilities for winding and linear technology applications a digitalised rolling ring drive has to offer.

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