New standards for straightening machines

Eurobend, one of the leading suppliers of straightening and cutting machines, has set another milestone in the field of rotor straightening machines with hyperbolic rollers: the maintenance-free 5G rotor (patent).


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The new generation of Eurobend straighteners of the “MELC” series with the 5G rotor cover a wide range of applications. The machine downtimes are minimised since maintenance and readjustment of the hyperbolic straightening rollers are not necessary. Straightening of high tensile wires up to 1,800N/mm².The different rotor sizes and types cover diameters up to Ø50mm and a wide range of wire qualities (high-tensile and PC wire, spring wire, stainless steel, rebar, smooth and, ribbed material). The simplicity of the design enables the construction of multi-line machines according to the productivity requirements and the diameter ranges to be machined. All lines work simultaneously and independently of each other. Scrap elimination by using the last length of each coil.

MELC Monoline series single line rotor straighteners

A large number of models process wire diameters from 2mm and up to 50mm.The feed rate is controlled by frequency inverters and adapted to the required productivity requirements. For the wires with large diameters and high strength, special robot systems are offered for opening the coils and feeding the wire into the machine.

MELC Polyline series – multi line rotor staightening machines

These are machines with high production output. Each rotor can be operated independently of the others, which enables the processing of the same or different diameters and the cutting of the same or different lengths. Straightening rotors of different sizes for material up to 30mm can be combined onto a multi-line machine with an automatic feed and discharge system.

MELC Polyline NS series – Non-Stop operation

The fully automatic, multi-line rotor straightening machines of the MELC Polyline NS series, designed for non-stop operation, are build for processing coil material up to a diameter of 25mm without operator intervention.

This version of the MELC-Polyline straightening machine has the following newly developed functions:
– Fully automatic loading of coils and unloading of the empty coil baskets using an automatic overhead crane system that is fully synchronized with the machine operation and programmed via the main computer in the control console of the straightening machine.
– Double coil stations on each line for uninterrupted operation (non-stop system). As soon as the one coil has ended, the next coil is processed immediately after the last coil piece has been automatically removed.
– The new coil is fed without operator intervention; the coils are opened by robots and the wire is prepared by pre-straightening and threaded automatically into the machine.
– The last pieces of the coils are automatically thrown into a separate collecting bin, so that mixing with the produced parts is avoided.
– The bars produced are transported via an automatic bundle module with an automatic bundle transport system to a buffer and storage area.

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