08/04/2024 – Wafios presents machines with new assistants that facilitate the set-up of parts

New machinery concepts and sustainable solutions for machine retrofits

At “wire/Tube 2024” show, Wafios exhibits machines that feature semiassisted or fully assisted operator support, especially for setting up new parts. As a matter of course, also newly developed machines for the wire and  tube processing industry will be showcased.


The “FUL 36+” supports the operator with individual, assisted or automated functions that are included in operator level 2. © Wafios


The high-speed wire bending machine “BM 36 HS” shows the competence of an operator level 3 machine. © Wafios

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Another focus will be on extending the service life of older machines which is a crucial factor for the sustainability of machines but also for saving costs.

Machines with semi-assisted and fully assisted user support
How can the setup process be made easier? How can especially inexperienced operators be supported better? How can a software assistant replace the training of operators? Wafios has addressed these questions and developed new approaches to solve them. Machines with assisted or automated functions help the user and thus make everyday processes faster. Two machines with the new operator support will be exhibited at “wire” at booth 10 F 22. In addition to the everyday helpers, the exhibition program also includes new developments and machine concepts.

Wafios has defined four levels of operator assistance:
Operator level 1: Defines not assisted or not automated machines. The operator of the machine is the expert and enters all data manually. Thus level 1 describes the standard equipment of today's machines.
Operator level 2: The operator is supported in setting up the machine by means of individual, assisted or automated functions.
Operator level 3: Here, the machine assists the operator throughout the entire setup process and supports individual operations by means of automated functions. Only not automated functions still require the know-how of the machine's operator.
Operator level 4: Still a vision today. Level 4 describes a machine that sets itself up automatically without the need of operator interference.

 Wafios will present a machine of operator level 2 and another machine of operator level 3. These machines signify the start for future software developments and are exhibited to start an exchange of ideas with visitors on the subject of the operator assistance.

Operator support with individually assisted or automated functions
At the booth the “FUL 36+” shows how a machine of operator level 2 supports the operator. The compression spring coiler features individual, assisted and automated functions that the operator can use without operator guidance. These functions include, for example, the simplified input of spring geometries as well as “iQspring2FUL” and “iQautopitch”. “iQspring2FUL” uses an external measuring device to measure an existing spring and enables the automatic creation of a WPS program with the necessary support points of the spring geometry. Thus setup work and the error rate during manual programming is reduced. iQautopitch automatically corrects pitch and diameter of the spring by comparing it with a reference spring and adjusting relevant program parameters.

The new, assisted positioning of the coiling device helps inexperienced operators to approach the home position. Another innovation is the PTPduo coiling finger that features two axes, enabling not only the familiar tilting of the coiling finger but also the rotation of the coiling finger around its own axis. The PTPduo coiling finger therefore reduces the friction of the wire in the coiling pin, increasing the surface quality and thus the accuracy of the spring.

Full operator support for wire bending machines
The “BM 36 HS”, the high-speed wire bending machine, demonstrates the competence of an operator level 3 machine. The fully assisted machine guides the operator actively through the entire setup process. The software explains all settings step by step and integrates “iQ” functions automatically. The adaptive straightening process “iQplug&straight” is the highlight of the machine. The “iQ” function measures a straightened wire rod using a highly sensitive laser. The artificial intelligence of the software suggests optimized settings of the straightening rollers, making timeconsuming straightening settings a thing of the past. Other fully assisted functions  like iQwire enable, for example, the graphical representation of the bending process. The system calculates the production output already before and also during the setup of the workpiece. This reduces rejects and collisions during the setup process. A simplified input of tools helps inexperienced users in setting up or converting the BM 36 HS.

 The individual functions “iQsmartbend” and “iQinspect”, integrated in the user assistance system, optimize parts of the bending program automatically. “iQsmartbend” calculates oscillations of the bent part occurring during the bending process and automatically optimizes the process accordingly. Reduced oscillations during the bending process increase the output and decrease unit costs. “iQinspect” uses an external measuring device to measure and correct the workpiece geometry independently.

New machines and tools for processing wire and tube
A machine full of flexibility: the “BQ 10”. In addition to machines with assisted and automated functions, other new developments and machine concepts from Wafios will be showcased at the “wire” show.

 The “BQ 10” is a modularly structured bending machine with several stations for bending, forming, flattening and die cutting. A straightening device straightens round wire and cuts the wire to the required length, the ends can optionally be chamfered. An independent transport system transports bent wire parts to modular stations. Depending on the workpiece produced, the stations can be installed as required by the production process. The “BQ 10” is equipped with the “WPS 3.2 EasyCNC”. The system enables an easy, separate programming of the complex modules.

The “FMU 100+” for wire diameters up to 10mm
The familiar “FMU+” series for the production of all types of springs is growing. The all-rounder machine “FMU 100+” expands the series in the upper diameter range from 4.1mm to 10mm. The standard torsion spring machine is equipped with nine highly dynamic, energy-efficient CNC axes. The modular machine structure enables up to 24 CNC axes and meets every production need. Due to the high variety of options, almost every spring can be wound, coiled or bent.

Expansion of “FUL+” and “F” series
The “FUL 16+” is the successor to the well-known “FUL 16” and expands the highperformance program of the “FUL+” series in the lower diameter range from 0.12mm to 0.8mm. The new compression spring coiler has been optimized in order to increase the output. The future-oriented technology and the modern machine design make the “FUL 16+” just perfect. Highly dynamic and fast: The latest control technology “WPS 3.2 EasyWay” for high performance.

New developments have also been added to the Performance line of compression spring machines.

The “F 08” (successor to the “FSE 15”) processes wire diameters between 0.12mm and 0.8mm. The “F 18” works with wire diameters from 0.35mm to 1.8mm. The diameter range in-between from 0.2mm to 1.2mm is covered by the new “F 12”. The compression spring machines focus on an economical production of springs with no compromises.

Delicate and precise with the “BMZ 6” [optional]
The smallest machine of the well-known BMZ series combines profitability, production speed and efficiency. The compact tube bending machine has specifically been designed for the production of micro parts used in medical engineering or high-frequency technologies, for example. Its modular structure and the combination of different bending techniques, like mandrel bending and free-form bending, allow the production of highly complex geometries. Products with short straight sections between the attachment part and the first bend can be produced due to the use of clamping jaws. An optional, integrated robot handles delicate workpieces.

A complete and powerful package with innovative tool solutions
Wafios' modular tool solutions for compression and torsion springs make high unit costs a thing of the past. The modular structure allows an easy and quick exchange of wearing parts. Exchanging cutting tools for straight or rotary cut is also no problem anymore. Furthermore, the new tool solutions for flat wire offer high degrees of geometrical freedom. The right tool for every product.

Sustainable retrofits for old machines
The service life of electronic components and outdated programming methods are often the reason why old machines are replaced by new ones. Wafios aims at extending the service life of existing machines through specific retrofit services and thus make an active contribution to sustainability.

 Wafios' retrofits offer a sustainable alternative to new machines. Latest control and drive technology as well at IT and software solutions revive old machines. With the retrofit concept, the user benefits from an increase in the machine's efficiency and value and from the adjustment of the user interface to the latest Wafios standard. Existing tools can be continued to be used. This makes Wafios retrofits futureoriented and innovative.

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